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Free Will

Making a will means that you can ensure that those you love are cared for when you are no longer here by stating who will receive your assets. Without this legal document, the law decides and it usually takes longer and costs more creating further stress at a difficult time.

McClure Solicitors will prepare your will entirely free of charge they ask that you make a voluntary donation to a charity and we ask you to make 6VT your charity of choice. There is no minimum amount you can donate.   Your full donation will be given to support our work with added gift aid if applicable. You can also prepare a Power of Attorney document and Family Protection  Trust. Whilst these two documents are not free to draw up,  McClure Solicitors will donate £30 and £500 respectively to 6VT Youth Cafe along with any applicable gift aid.

All you need to do is make a call 0800 852 1999 or email or check out their website 


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